Why bother working with another company for an event venue? Have Jennifer cater your event right in THE MARKET. We can customize any event to your liking and give you a view into our massive kitchen.

Ellure Lounge brings the old world of fine, luxurious lounges to a new generation craving fresh, contemporary design within a unique gathering place. It teases, excites and celebrates the senses - continually refreshing itself. Come explore Scottsdale's premier lounge. A comfortable space with a true sense of imagination.

The Croft Downtown is unlike any other venue in the Phoenix area. The Croft Downtown offers urban cement floors and wood trellised ceilings, paired with stylish and chic décor to create an elegant yet comfortable ambience. This venue is equipped with an enchanting rustic ceremony area and a dedicated lofty reception space for dinner, dancing and entertainment.

In 1950, Frank Lloyd Wright designed a home for his son David and daughter-in-law Gladys on 10 acres in the middle of citrus groves at the base of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. The design elevated the home in the form of a spiral rising from the desert floor, converting the treetops into the lawn and revealing 360° views of the mountains forming the valley. Mr. Wright title of the plans “How to Live in the Southwest.” Completed in 1952, the David Wright House is one of three spiral designs realized by Mr. Wright and the precursor to the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. The house is regarded as Mr. Wright’s last residential masterpiece.

Experience the charm and beauty of Ireland in the center of the Valley of the Sun. The Irish Cultural Center is the perfect place for your event. Our Great Hall can accommodate up to 120 guests and our Heritage Courtyard up to 300. Special discounts during summer months and mid-week.

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We have partnered with Rattle & Rum to customize our cocktail menu.

Rattle & Rum LLC is a professional cocktail and beverage catering service that utilizes some of the most creative and professional bartenders in the country. While we primarily service events in the Phoenix Metro Area, we are able to travel and do events around the country.

AZ Bitters Lab is Arizona’s first research and production laboratory for the creation of small batch, hand-crafted cocktail bitters and flavor extracts. You can use these bitters in a variety of ways such as a dash or two in cocktails, add a few drops in your coffee or sparkling water, and as a flavor extract option in baking or cooking.

Crooked Sky Farms, located in Phoenix, is owned by Frank Martin. Farmer Frank  had always dreamed of becoming a farmer after working closely with his father in the sixties in the fields.  Back then, chemicals were prized in farming as a miracle 'cure-all' to pests, and not known to be harmful to humans as they are today.  Watching his father's health rapidly decline after years of exposure in the fields, he died a young man.  This instilled a passion in young Frank to return farming to the natural ways before the days of toxic pollutants, genetic modifications, and chemicals.

Crow’s Dairy is a small Grade A Farmstead Dairy in Arizona. Our mission, as a multi-generational AZ dairy family, is to offer superior quality farmstead dairy products from our Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats. We are dedicated to providing excellent care for the animals and unrivaled service for our customers.

Danzeisen Dairy is a local, family run dairy farm with over 50 years in Phoenix, Arizona. Our dairy is the first local, Phoenix dairy to offer glass bottles to grocers within the Arizona market – direct and fresh from a local dairy farm only 10 miles from downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Danzeisen Dairy offers the freshest, best tasting milk direct from the farm to your local grocer.

Grandma's Farm

We see every seed with expectant eyes and have visions of what it will be when mature.  A stalk of corn waiting for harvest started as a seed; our community's the same. We're planting the seed of brighter tomorrows today. Our Farm celebrates good, hard, honest work.  Come out and help us grow.

go lb. salt is arizona's original salt bar, bringing premium sea salts to select local farmers markets in the Phoenix area.  Rather than looking for mass market contracts, we want to bring our premium products directly to you and your table.  Because our focus is on the product, not the packaging, we use simple, unbleached brown paper bag packaging.  These bags are FDA approved food safe, compostable, recyclable, biodegradable and environmentally responsible.

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