Charcuterie & Artesian Cheese Board $18

Chef’s choice of dried cured meats, assorted fine cheeses, house picked vegetables, Hayden flour mills crackers, noble bread, violet mustard, garlic aioli and Gremolata


Seasonal vegetable board (V, GF) $15

Assorted roasted vegetable seasoned with olive oil, lemon zest, cracked pepper and flakey salt


Bread & butter board (V) $5

House artisan breads and salted butter


Burrata $15

Mozzarella cream, charred ciabatta, salsa verde, lemon zest, fried basil, salt flakes, cracked black pepper


Lobster & Crab Roll $19

Butter poached lobster & crab, celery slaw, Dijon-herb aioli on a Noble Bread brioche roll


MARKET Chips and Dip $10

House made Yukon gold potato chips with a balsamic-caramelized onion crème


Arancini $12

Creamy risotto balls with mozzarella middles, shaved parmesan Reggiano and micro basil.

Roasted tomato merlot sauce for dipping


Beignets $13

Sweet ricotta, La Bella Terre Bergamot lemon, cinnamon, orange zest and Crow’s Dairy Quark


Soup & Salads

Pozole verde $11

Pork, white hominy, poblano peppers, cabbage, radish, onion, cilantro slaw, lime wedge, tortillas


Caesar Salad (V) $12

Shaved kale, shaved romaine hearts, manchego, focaccia   dust, crispy capers, roasted creamy garlic dressing, lemon, and cracked black pepper


Italian Chopped Salad (GF, V) $14

Chopped radicchio and romaine, fresh mozzarella, heirloom cherry tomato, olives, artichoke hearts, green onions, pickled chilis, cucumber, chickpeas, celery and whole parsley leaves with a red wine Dejon vinaigrette

Salad Additions:

 Bistro steak $8.50

 Grilled salmon $8.50

 Grilled chicken $6.50



French Fries $5

Seasonal Cup of Fruit $6

Smoked Applewood Bacon (3) $5

Yukon potatoes & caramelized shallots $5

Noble Bread Toast & Butter $3







Market Farmhouse Breakfast* $14

Two eggs sunny side up, smoked applewood bacon, sautéed Yukon

potatoes, caramelized shallots and noble bread toast


Avocado Toast $14

Toasted Noble country bread spread with smashed avocado, two poached cage free eggs, crispy prosciutto, heirloom tomato and arugula salad

Omelets $13                                                                                                         

Choose from:       

Roasted red pepper- roasted local peppers and piquillo aioli                                                           

Adovada- tender braised pork and green chilies                                                                       

Vegetable- fresh local seasonal vegetables and matchstick fries         


Chilaquiles $17

Pulled roasted chicken, corn tortilla chips, roasted tomatillo salsa, queso fresco, lime crème, cilantro, shaved sweet onion, fried local eggs and sriracha salt


Enchiladas (V, GF) $14

Butternut squash, corn tortillas, queso fresco and fried local eggs, guajillo sauce and cilantro                    


Market Breakfast Sandwich $14

chef’s choice on a brioche roll served with Jennifer’s house made chips         


Market Burger * $15

1/2 lb. Ground beef, house pickle, lettuce, charred onions, tomato, white cheddar, house steak sauce, and Jennifer’s house made chips (available gluten free)


Steak, Eggs & Frites* $20

8oz grilled prime steak, au poivre, with béarnaise sauce served with eggs your way and frites


Ricotta Gnocchi (V) $19

House made dumplings, Roasted Pork, Southwest mushrooms, spinach, and tomato vodka coulis

(Also Available vegetarian)


Yellow Fin Niçoise $18

Seared ahi, soft boiled egg, green beans, roasted peppers, potato, tomato, white balsamic vinaigrette, and flaked salt (available gluten free)

3rd Party Gift Cards are for Dining in only